Relay switching is fater than patch programme changing

Relay switching is fater than patch programme changing

Hi guys, I’d apreciate it if anyone of you guys know a solution for this problem.

Now, I set my system like bellow:

– Bogner Uberschall
G major2
– Tech21 MIDI moose

Connection Path:
– Bogner Uberschall fx send -> G major2 -> fx return
– G major2 relay out -> The Bogner’s fx control & ch. control
– MIDI moose MIDI OUT -> G major2 MIDI IN

The problem with this system is, it seems that relay switching is fater than patch programme changing with the G major2. For example, if I set User preset 1 and 2 of G major2 like this:

preset 1:
– Chorus ON
– Bogner Uberschall Clean Ch with relay control.

preset 2:
– Bogner Uberschall Drive Ch with relay control.

And let’s say I’m playing some song with preset 1. Then solo part is coming, I change the preset 1 to 2 with the MIDI moose. In cases like this, I always hear Bogner Uberschall Drive sound with Chorus just for a moment, maybe 0.3 to 0.5 s after I changed the preset.

I guess that this means the G major has done ch. switching by its relay faster than its preset changing.

Has anyone of you guys here met this problem? and know the solution for it? Now I wonder I could avoid this if I use mini amp gizmo to switch the channels instead of using the G major’s relay.


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