Replacement nut for output jack?

Replacement nut for output jack?

Tried a search but couldn’t find anything related to this, so apologies if it’s been asked before.

The nut for the mono output jack on my JP15 has worn out to the point where I can barely keep it on the thread. I’d like to replace it before I lose it and the jack goes all loose or whatever.

I imagine these are pretty standard for all guitars, but just wanted to check before buying online (since I can’t seem to find such a small nut for sale at my local Home Depot).

Stewart-MacDonals seems to offer them in 3 different sizes;

#1231 For SAE pots/jacks such as CTS and Switchcraft with 3/8″ x 32 thread.

#1229 For metric pots such as Alpha with M8 x 0.75 thread.

#1239 For metric jacks with M9 x 0.75 thread.

Can someone confirm which one would fit a Music Man? Alternatively I’d be more than happy to buy direct from EBMM, if they sell these.


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