Roasted necks and the aridity of winter

Roasted necks and the aridity of winter

Every electric guitar I have owned, regardless of quality, winds up with fret sprout from the damned heating needed to survive the winters comfortably here in Chicago. The problem is so inevitable, that I learned how to file the fret edges down myself.

This is fine for lesser guitars such a my beloved US G&L fallout, or my Ibanez, but the sheer beauty and perfection of the RS Cutlass’s neck has frightened me from taking any action at all. In fact, because of this anxiety, my cutlass spent most of last winter in its case in a closet, secluded and insulated from any vent.

While this has kept my cutlass in like new condition, I would like to enjoy it year round.

So I began to wonder – does a roasted maple neck expand and contract less than its non roasted counter parts? Has anyone in a dry climate had any experience with fret sprout on their roasted EBMMs? If you did have fret sprout, how did you manage it?

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