SBMM AL 40 mod…

SBMM AL 40 mod…

So I’ve had this AL 40 SUB for a little while, and it’s a decent player. But I’m just a little underwhelmed with the pickups. So I decided to keep it an ‘inexpensive guitar’, and ordered some ‘inexpensive pickups’ for it.
I’ve never tried any of the GFS pups but have read many good things about them. And I’ve been very interested in the Reverend Double Agent setup with a bucker in the bridge and P90 in the neck position.
So I got 2 pups and a pre-wired, plug n play control harness for just over $100, and I’m very impressed with the results! Really makes me wonder if I’ll ever spend the $$ for ‘brand name’ pickups again… 😉



Also, I had a little issue with the guitar and must say that SBMM’s customer service was just as good as EBMM’s outstanding customer service! Those guys delivered!

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