SBMM Valentine

SBMM Valentine

Finally got around to uploading some shots of my Valentine. Love this guitar. It’s more co for table than I thought it would be. I’m normally a die hard body contour fan, but the wedge shape works very well.

I didn’t get along with the stock pickups. The neck HB was ok, but the bridge pickup really didn’t fit my style. I wanted to go with a versatile setup that would still give me Tele style tones, but I wanted hum free operation and the ability to handle higher gain. I stumbled on the Railhammer Humcutters, which are hum cancelling P90’s in a humbucker shell. They remind me a bit of wide range humbuckers on a Tele Deluxe. They are Nuevo 90’s.

They can handle just about any style of play, from country to hard rock (maybe a bit of metal?). I can still get Tele spank, P90 growl, and raw throaty humbucker tones. I left the push pull boost, as I felt it was still useable.

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