Serial numbers incorrect on a JP?

Serial numbers incorrect on a JP?

Hi all, I’ve had several JP guitars in the past, so I’m quite familiar with them, how they should look, feel, sound, etc.

Well, I got a used JP15, sahara burst quilt, from guitar center. It’s like-new condition, it’s gorgeous. It looks, sounds and feels like a jp15 should.

My issue is this: when I look up the serial number on the neck plate, that number does not exist. This worried me, so I looked at the COA. The serial on there is different by one digit: where there’s an 8 on the neck plate, there’s a 0 on the certificate. This serial comes up, and is the correct guitar.

Now, these guitars seem like they would be ridiculously hard to fake, especially since I know these guitars. This, I’m certain is a legit JP15. I’m thinking this is maybe something so simple as the person making the certificate and inputting it into the database saw an 8 as a 0 and typed it in wrong for the plate engraving, or vice versa.

I’d this a huge deal? On it’s face, no. But it does sort of irk me. Is this a known thing? Does it occasionally happen? Do I have any recourse, like maybe getting another neck plate from ebmm?

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