Spectracomp Gain Level Issue

Spectracomp Gain Level Issue

Hi, I’ve been using a Spectracomp for the last 6 or 8 months and it’s done wonders for my tone, but I’ve recently hit a problem.

Up until recently I was using a Line 6 Pod X3 multi fx unit and when I got the Spectracomp I put that in front to improve the tone.

I decided to change over to individual pedals so I now go via the Spectracomp (and a Polytune) into an EBS Billy Sheehan and then an Ampeg SCR-DI, direct out to the PA.  The sound I’m getting is just what I want, but is too hot for the desk input.  The Ampeg has two output settings, but the second is far too quiet, so my next option is to reduce the gain level coming out of the Spectracomp.

This seems easy – I connect to the PC, fire up the Toneprint software and edit.  Except…  once I’ve edited, regardless of what I do with the gain levels (All, Low, Mid or High) as soon as I press the Save To Pedal button, they all leap up to a higher level again, thus undoing my editing.  If I switch off the Auto Make Up Gain, the overall level is way too low.

For now, I’ve mapped the 3 levels to the knob and lowered them in the lower pane of the editor (and this works), but it means I can’t set the knob to adjust other parameters, so it’s only a short term fix.

I appear to have up to date firmware and software.

Any ideas please?

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