SS frets on JP15 vs Majesty

SS frets on JP15 vs Majesty

Hello Everyone,

As a recent convert and happy owner of a new JP15-7 string I went to a local GC yesterday to check out the 6-string version which I can totally see in my future. I was even pleasneatly surprised by the neck profile as I had expected it to be thinner and more Ibanez-y. Turns out it felt actually not dissimilar to my Washburn N4 that I’ve been using a lot lately (the 7 string with piezo plus the N4 with D-Tuna cover everything I would realistically do at the moment).
So for laughs and giggles I tried a Majesty also. Still not a huge fan of the shape, finished neck (the matte felt pretty good though) and the added layer of electronics. But I was impressed by the frets on these. I don’t think they feel any different than the ones on the JP15 but they looked even sleeker.
Does anyone know what the difference is? Different alloy?

Part of the reason I’m asking is that some of my other guitars will be due for their first refrets at some point and I may actually go the stainless steel route. So it would be nice to know which frets MM actually uses on the respective models.

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