Sterling by Music Man LK100HH

Sterling by Music Man LK100HH

Brand new to the forum.

I’ve saved enough cash to splurge on a new toy and came across the LK100KK.

A bit of background. I’m a home player that uses guitar as a distraction from the bustle of every day life. I don’t gig, but do have the chance to play with friends pretty often. I play through a headrush gigboard and a pair of FRFR 108’s. My current guitars are: Squire Classic Vibe Strat, PRS SE24, Epliphone 339 Pro, and a Yamaha acoustic. I play everything except metal. I play every day so I like having lots of choices to “mix things up” and inspire.

In my new toy search I am looking to add a bit of variety to my meager guitar collection and have about $600 to spend and like purchasing new guitars even though I know I can get more for my $$ used.

I am circling the LK100. It checks a lot of boxes for me. My one concern is that it may be very similar to my PRS SE24. Since I can’t give the Luke a trial run I figured I’d ask you fine folks if you have any experience with these guitars to shed some light on how they may be similar and what might set the Luke apart.

Thanks in advance for the help.

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