Sterling JP60 frets

Sterling JP60 frets

Hi all
I just took delivery of a new JP60 MDR-2 to compliment my 2015 AD Majesty.

First impressions are that this is an excellent guitar for the money. Aside from the Mystic Dream finish which everyone loves, the guitar feels well-built, the trem works smoothly, the neck is smooth, and the pups sound great through my Helix.

One issue though, is that the frets are ‘rough’ on the strings. It’s weird – if I slide my finger along a fret it feels perfectly smooth, but if I bend a string at the same fret, it feels like its crossing sandpaper. Visually, when i look at some of the frets in the sun, I can see that they are not as well polished as my other guitars. Very small grooves etc. like it missed the final polish phase in manufacturing.

Anyone else experienced this? Any ideas how to resolve it? I feel like it should be a simple fix but would love to hear others’ thoughts before I jump in.


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