Still kicking myself regarding my JP60

Still kicking myself regarding my JP60

I stumbled upon it on Guitar Center’s used section…a Sterling by Music Man JP60 in Metallic Black. I don’t know what called out to me about it, but I bought it immediately. It came to my home a few days later and oh my god, this guitar was PHENOMENAL. It reignited my love of playing immediately. I then started researching and learning more and more about Music man and the ball family, etc., etc.

I kept trying to find more left handed Sterling JP60’s…and I didn’t see them anywhere. I found Brian, the guy who I guess runs SBMM, and found they weren’t making lefty six strings anymore and that almost anyone else I talked to had zero leads on any lefty used SBMM guitars.

It started to make me angry. I’ve dealt my entire life with not having access to the stuff I really want in guitar circles and I’d finally found this guitar that I wanted to build my whole sound from here on out around…but I couldn’t even find a backup JP60 for playing live!

I try to support companies that support lefty guitar players, and it was pretty clear that Music Man/ had given up on lefties unless they wanted to spend 2 or 3K on an *actual* Music Man.

So in a fit of anger, frustrated beyond belief that I’d found a guitar I loved and couldn’t find another one, I sold it.

It’s been six months today. I scour the net almost daily. I find nothing. Nowhere. No one is talking about these, and no one is selling them.

I miss that guitar like I’d miss losing a finger. Nothing I’ve played since is as good. It just depresses me. I’d finally found the perfect guitar for me, and now I can’t find another one, and believe me, I have cast the net WIDE. World-wide.


So, in a last ditch effort to ever be actually happy playing guitar again, I reach out to you, the members of the Ernie Ball/Music Man/SBMM forum and ask…does anyone have a Sterling by Music Man lefty six string ANYTHING they’d be willing to sell? I know they make a lefty bass, but I need a lefty electrical guitar.

Reach out to me if you have one you’re looking to move. I don’t know where else to go or to look.

thanks for your time,


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