Stingray Whammy

Stingray Whammy

As all of you know….okay, many of you….or maybe some of you….okay, as three of you know, I am a bassist. Generally speaking, there are no whammy bars on basses. And if there is a whammy bar on a bass, we real bassists band together and beat the owner senseless.

Anyway, I have a Stingray guitar and I like it. Don’t mention this over on the bass side. You know how they are.

The whammy seems to be ‘snap in’ rather than ‘screw in’, Is there any way to make it remain in a more upright position or do they all just swing away? Not a deal breaker but I’d like to tighten it up so I can play chords and whammy with abandon and all that guitar stuff.


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