Strat style

Strat style

Let me first get a few assumptions out of the way…
-I know this is the forum, but I trust the players on here for, among other things, your experience, honesty, and expertise.
-I know “just go to a shop and try them both out” would be preferable. Problem is used market for these two axes is pretty slim right now in my area…especially at the same store at the same time…so I’ve resorted to online.

So. I play a ’98 Axis MM90 as my main guitar. I swapped out the bridge pup for a Super Distortion.
I am looking to add a strat style guitar to my arsenal, and am pretty sure I’m between a Cutlass and a PRS Silver Sky. Any guys played both? Any guys OWN both??

Looking mostly for feedback on neck and pickups. I like my guitars to be very responsive to strum/picking dynamics. Most of my strat work would be with U2-esque, ambient/delay heavy tones.

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