Sub 'n Up octave pedal customizability

Sub 'n Up octave pedal customizability

Hi guys,

I am considering getting a sub ‘n up for an eighties project I am putting together, but I am having trouble finding a lot of information online about customizing the TonePrints. How customizable is the pedal?

For example, I don’t see myself as a bass player ever using the sub2 knob for its intended purpose. Like, ever. Can I set it to blend in some square wave fuzz? Similar to what an Ehx bass microsynth can do? Or can I set the Sub2 knob to blend in some synth tone, with all other knobs performing their default purposes?

I know that’s random. Does the question make sense? Basically I’d want everything to be stock, except the sub2 knob.  I want to assign one specific purpose to that Sub2 knob that has nothing to do with generating a sub frequency.


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