SUB vs SUB (Music Man vs Sterling by Music Man)

SUB vs SUB (Music Man vs Sterling by Music Man)

Hey all,

New to the forum but I’ve just curious about the difference between these two basses (Music Man SUB and the SBMM SUB). I know one is Made in USA, and the other in Indonesia, and the USA version has the better preamp.

My dilemma is that I’ve been offered the option of buying either of these basses used. The Sterling version comes up at a third of the price of the USA. Is the USA version THAT much better to warrant that much of a price gap, in terms of overall build quality and sound?

I’d be happy with a sound that would get me that growly, low action clang. Probably will get a lot of flack for this but one of my favorite bass tones is that of Mark Hoppus from blink-182, and I know he uses a Stingray on their early records. Can I get that tone with the SBMM or should I splurge for the Music Man?

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