SUB1 Guitar Locking Tuner Replacements

SUB1 Guitar Locking Tuner Replacements

Hi all,

Been a while since I last posted. Guess I’ll need to update my sig with my (now not so new) SUB1 Guitar!

I bought it used earlier in the year from an online store, put some real mileage on it and today finally came the day to change the strings. I’d been putting it off for a good while now as it came with a floating bridge set up (something I’d never have chosen to do myself), but actually loved having it this way. Obviously I knew that not replacing the strings with exactly the same gauge, I’d have problems with the trem set up.

I assumed 9-42, but upon replacing the first couple strings, it didn’t seem quite right. Before I got to much further, I took them off and put a whole set of 10-46 on, thinking this time round, that when I tuned up, I’d be all business as usual. Not the case. The bridge was really much higher than before. Off they went and on a whole set of 9-42’s. Bridge completely flush to the body.

In doing all this messing round, I came to two conclusions. I’m gonna have to get a calliper (?) to see exactly what gauge came on it. I’m now thinking in my madness maybe they were 9.5-44’s. And secondly, that the locking tuners are just a pain to change strings on this. They were already a little chewed up but even more so now after using a 5p coin to unlock and lock back up multiple times in the last hour or so. No where as easy as my Axis Super Sport and Sport Schaller tuners.

Looks like M6 mini’s would require drilling a small hole in the headstock, I really don’t want to do this. Anyone got suggestions of direct replacements? Doesn’t need to be a specific brand, but if there are Schallers that fit the bill, great!

Also, if anyone has any wisdom or ideas regarding the floating set up, I’d love to hear that too.

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