Testing a new speaker with my JP6

Testing a new speaker with my JP6

A few weeks back, I got from Organic Timbre a speaker to demo. It’s a Rhapsody G12F. Rhapsody G12F

I was finally able to have some spare time yesterday to do something with it. I just created this video:

Grabbed my EBMM JP6 and went with a simple approach for the riffing and chords for ease of recording (aka known a being lazy) and to concentrate on the speaker and amp sound combo.

The speaker sounds damn good and has a lot of low end with the Mini Rectifier cab. Gives a more “hifi”/clearer sound than the V30. Only the expensive price would slow me down if you compare to others available on the market.

But I must confess, it took me way way way more time to put all of this together in a video. You guys out there who do this on regular basis, you have all my admiration. It was not easy.

I have started to record other clips of the followings: Celestion V30 (from the Mesa cab), Celestion Seventy 80, Eminence Delta Pro-12A and XXX. I’m hoping to make those clips very similar to this one. But again… Whoah!!! It takes time and patience to create a decent video montage. 🙂

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