The G Major 2 Enigma

The G Major 2 Enigma

Obviously no longer have any interest in the G Major 2.  No doubt, while ever it continues to sell, they will carry on producing it, but that seems to be about the extent of it.

The lack of support and updates is a bit disappointing though. Not that we pay for updates. You buy a bit of kit and, assuming it works and does what it says on the box, there is no obligation to make it better over time.

It is something of a shame though because it is a good piece of kit (assuming it isn’t broken).

I can, to some extent, see their logic though.  Why promote and extend a piece of kit which (for the price of three/four pedals) can almost do the same as a pedal board full of all of the pedals in the TC range?

There is no doubt, particularly compared to new modelling hardware and software, the interface is a bit clunky and unhelpful.  An the software – assuming it is actually in the mood to talk to the the G Maj 2 on the day you want to use it – is a nightmare (even when it is working).

None the less (probably because I like vintage kit  đŸ˜‰ ) I remain very happy with my little rack buddy.

And, on the plus side, because there isn’t an updated version with a slick and intuitive interface, and software that works when you want it to rather than when it feels like it, I don’t feel tempted to spend my money on something else.  Sweet.

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