The majesty is the greatest guitar ever made

The majesty is the greatest guitar ever made

Hey I found a thread from 5 years ago saying that Majesty was the best guitar ever made…ty-guitar.html..

Feels like its time for an update!

I dunno guys… I’ve had my Majesty for nearly 3 months now. I really don’t see how it gets better than this. The quality and playability are unreal. It does this thing where it tells you exactly what you need to do to clean up your playing and get it right, while totally flattering what you did manage to play. It makes for addictive guitar playing and tone hunting. You can get so many sounds without ever touching the amp, from shimmery acoustic to screaming lead. It’s wild.

I have wanted a EBMM JP guitar since I was 16… I made a girlfriend drive me mid-date to a guitar store so I could play a very early JP6. I fell in love… with the JP6. Life happens, and I resolved to finally get my guitar when I paid off my student loans. The same day I paid them off I treated myself to a 2019 Blue Honu Majesty 6. Blue guitars are the prettiest… this is the prettiest blue. EBMM guitars are the best built guitars… this is the best built EBMM. JP guitars are the best playing guitars… this is the best playing JP. Everything about this guitar is superlative and over the top. This is my life guitar. Maybe I will pick up a Richardson? Maybe JP will go for a third model? I just don’t see myself every voluntarily giving up this guitar.

Bravo to everyone involved because daaaamn they knocked it out of the park with this one.

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