The Struggle is Real

The Struggle is Real

While Christmas shopping I wander into my local Guitar Center that usually has very little or no EBMM stuff.

Lo and Behold: on the used guitar wall they have a JP-15 in Sahara Burst, a Red Semi-Hollow Axis SS, and a Tobacco Burst Stingray guitar. All the axes are in mint condition, nothing but some light pick scratches. All play well and the necks look straight.

It’s the day before christmas so there’s no way I can drop $6k+ on myself for 3 guitars…plus my stable is pretty full and I honestly don’t even have somewhere to store them in the studio.

But I’m going to wait a couple days and go back and see what I can do. The JP-15 is high on my list but the other two are certainly compelling.

I have at least one Stratocaster Deluxe that I might take to trade, maybe even an RG3120 and even possible one of my other EBMM’s.

Seriously kept me up last night thinking about what roster moves I can make! Might have to put some players on the chopping block!

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