This Stingray V I got from Armybass

This Stingray V I got from Armybass

This is not the first time I have been really excited by a new (to me) bass. I admit that.

I think this is my 4th SR5….it gets a little blurry when so many basses have passed through your collection. This one is one of those special basses. Why? I have no idea.

Yes it has all the great innovations that others are starting to know a truss rod adjustment that works and you can get to it without damaging the instrument…tapered string posts on the tuners and that cool compensated nut. It also has the electronics that make it stand out in the mix and it sounds so very fine. Yes, the workmanship is as close to perfect as it can be…it looks great…feels great…and has a remarkable B string.

But….there is some magic in this one. What? Perhaps this one got a special blessing somewhere in the factory. This is one of the best electric basses I have ever played and I have played a lot of them.

My collection of basses has been as high as 22 but I have it down to 12 including some very expensive instruments by the so called boutique makers. This Stingray is an amazing bass and I know Scott is already wishing he had kept it. Yes, he has another one on order but will it be as good as this one? For his sake, I sincerely hope so.

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