Thoughts on the Titan Blue Majesty?

Thoughts on the Titan Blue Majesty?

I own a Majestic Purple Majesty and absolutely love it. However, when the Titan Blue came out I fell in love again, and I prefer this color blue to purple in general.

I am considering selling mine and putting that toward a new Titan Blue Majesty. Looks are not everyhing in a guitar, but I think a bit of that new guitar urge is kicking in too.

I just had some questions first:

1. Does anyone own the Titan Blue, or at least seen one in person? If so, how does it look? It looks amazing online, but I have not been able to find one around here.

2. I am having reservations about selling a guitar that I love for another one. Even though I am confident the new one will play great, what are your thoughts about selling a guitar you’ve become accustomed to?

3. And lastly, this really shouldn’t matter but it might 😛 …Which do you personally prefer? The Majestic Purple or Titan Blue?

Thanks for any input

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