Toneprint App suggestion?

Toneprint App suggestion?

Hey there,

When searching for Toneprints ‘by product’ where there is a large number of options (Flashback, Hall of Fame etc), once a toneprint is selected and you hit back ‘< by product’, the list resets itself to the beginning (top) of the list.

Curious if there’s a way to have the app remember where in the scroll list you were just before selecting the Toneprint?

This would save time scrolling around large lists to find your place again.
Just a suggestion to help make the larger lists more manageable / user friendly.

(The fact that Toneprint technology exists at all and there are so many options is mind-blowing!)


As a side note, I would love to see the stock chorus mode of the Viscous Vibe as a template option for further editing 😉

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