(Toneprint) Pedal wont connect to Mac

(Toneprint) Pedal wont connect to Mac

This is on Mac OS Mojave with the newest Toneprint editor from the site.

So I’ve got my new subnup mini pedal, got the app installed, the pedal is powered up and connected via USB.

The Toneprint app won’t find the pedal and the pedal isn’t listed under USB devices anywhere.

The pedal only came with very basic instructions and I can’t find detailed manuals for either the pedal or the latest editor online. I suspect that I need USB drivers for the pedal, but I don’t know where/how to get them.

I have gone through the tech support page on the website but I thought someone here might help me out quicker. Plus, it could be useful for somebody else if the solution were on a public site like this.


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Source: http://forum.tcelectronic.com