Toneprint Questions

Toneprint Questions

Hi All –
I’m a new Bass player, and the SpectraComp is my first pedal.  I know a lot of this has been discussed, but I just want to make sure I’m understanding the way toneprint works.  I’m not saying this to be difficult or a troll, but I’m afraid I may have bought a pedal that I thought would be simple, but turns out not to be…

I have an Android phone, Android tablet, and Windows PC
I can make and edit toneprints on the laptop, and load them to the pedal, and save them if I like then.
I cannot get those toneprints to my mobile device to beam?
I cannot edit toneprints on either Android device?
If I want to use the pedal with more than one toneprint live, I have to buy an iPad to make/edit them on, and have with me on stage to load them? (or a whole laptop?)
My only other option is to just use the ones the app provides on my phone?

In reality, I’m suspecting that if I take enough time, there are probably toneprints on the app that are better then anything I or my bandmates would come up with…

I did learn one thing – Always engage my tuner pedal (after my SC in the chain) when I beam

I know it seems like a lot of questions, but they are related.  I feel like I’m missing something.
Also, do most players just find one setting they like and use it for everything? Like I said, I’m new to this.


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