Torn between JP models

Torn between JP models

I have wanted an EB/MM JP model since the first ones came out back when I was in high school 20 years ago. It felt impossible that I would ever get one back then, but a lot of things have changed and now I’m finally in a place in life where I can afford one! How incredibly lucky I am. But this has become a more complicated problem nowadays. If I would have been able to afford one back then, it would have been the JP6, Mystic Dream w/ Piezo bridge, because that was the absolute top tier. I used to play it at guitar center, drool, and then go home sad that I couldn’t afford it, but now that I’m finally able to, there are more options available:

– JP6 w/ Piezo, Mystic Dream finish – The classic that I always wanted. I had the knock-off OLP version back in the day and I’ve yet to play a more comfortable guitar body. That little forearm scoop is magical. I see on Sweetwater that they claim that they could get their hands on one of these for me if I requested it (can anyone here confirm that? I see there’s one on sale in the vault but it lacks the piezo system which is a must-have for such a pricy guitar IMO).

– JP 13 in Mystic Dream from the vault – I see that there are a few of these available in the EB/MM Vault store produced in a limited run in Mystic Dream! Incredible, and I see also that it has some similar features to the majesty re: onboard gain boost and pickup splitting. It doesn’t have that forearm scoop that the JP6 has but it does appear to at least be tapered, so is it a similar feel? It seems to me also that this one got quickly overshadowed by the JP15, are there any major differences?

– JP Majesty – What else can be said about it, we all know it’s a work of art. I’m sure I would not be disappointed in this guitar, it’s just different than the other 2 and AFAIK not available in the Mystic Dream finish that I love so much. I’ve seen some pics of the Arctic Dream version but I can’t find it for sale anywhere other than ebay, which I don’t particularly trust for a boutique guitar purchase.

What I want to know is: for a player like me (decidedly average- I can hang in there but I don’t have any illusions about being able to shred like JP), are the gain boost/pickup splitting options in the JP13/Majesty going to make a big difference for me? What are the differences between the two models other than body shape? It sounds like they offer more or less the exact same features. Or would I be best off going with the classic JP6 I always wanted back in the day and skip the JP13/Majesty altogether?

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