trem arm removal

trem arm removal

hi all, just picked up a Cutlass SSS from Guitar Center, which may turn out to be a mistake — it arrived with dead strings, a horrible setup, and nothing in the case but the guitar & a silica pack — plus some free scratches and dings.

new strings, minor setup tweaks, clean & polish everything and I’m in love. this is the best s-style I’ve ever touched. maybe the best neck.

two things: how do I get the trem arm off? I don’t really plan to use it — have a strat with a floating trem if I need that sound but much prefer the response of a decked trem, and if I’m not going to use it, it’s in the way.

also I have a buzz in the neck and n+m positions, clean as a whistle otherwise. any thoughts?

nice to meet you! seems like everybody has more than one! uh-oh.

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