Truss Rod Snapped?

Truss Rod Snapped?

Yesterday, while changing strings on my 2019 SbMM LK100 in the manner I have used for 45 years on guitars of multiple brands (taking all strings off, clean neck, restring), I heard a very distinct yet quiet “click”. This gave me pause as it wasn’t clear what caused it. As I also changed out the super switch, I put one string on to make sure the wiring was correct.

That is when I noticed that the string was laying on the first 3-4 frets and the neck had a clear dip at the nut end. I checked the truss rod with the EBMM tool and the truss adjustment wheel had an inch of play (looking at the end of the tool not in the wheel).

Using my Neck Check gauge, there is a distinct dip starting at the 5th fret…I am assuming the truss rod either snapped or let completely loose some how. I have never adjusted the truss rod on this particular guitar, but have on some of my other EBMM/SbMM guitars.

Any thoughts?

Can I replace the truss rod alone? You can actually here it moving inside the neck.

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