(update) NGD SBMM Cutlass in Seafoam Green

(update) NGD SBMM Cutlass in Seafoam Green

Just a quick update on my SBMM Cutlass…

For those of followed my NGD a few weeks back, here is quick update.

Body contour and color… Still digging it, honeymoon ain’t over. I really wish you could get a real EBMM Cutlass with the Seafoam green!

Neck contour/profile. For a someone used to thin neck (read JP6/RG550), I really like the V-neck shape on my Cutllass.

Ruff fret edges… Don’t know if it’s the climate up North but they are almost gone. 🙂

Low output pickups… Well, I hated them at first, but now, they grew on me. I must be getting old but these are staying. I thought changing them but hell know, I’ll abuse them as they are.

Not too related to the Cutlass, but I was asked to do a recording of my Boss Katana amp and decided to use mu SBMM Cutlass for it. Let me know what you think. FWIW I have done the same with the neck pickup. Was just too lazy to finish the video today. I will in the coming days. 🙂

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