Updated description copy on the St Vincent page

Updated description copy on the St Vincent page

Just noticed this today, after EBMM tweeting out a link:

The St. Vincent signature guitar features a lightweight Okoume body, premium roasted maple neck with rosewood, ebony or maple fretboard. The roasted maple neck is highly figured and is adorned with St. Vincent signature custom inlays. Specially configured electronics package includes 3 Dimarzio mini-humbuckers with 5-way pickup selector for a unique offering of tonal options.

First mention I recall seeing of the St. Vincent switching to an Okoume body* or having an all-roasted maple neck and fretboard.

*-My 2016 STV balances fine, but is on the heavier side of things (closer to 8lbs than 7 1/2) so I do worry a *little* about how going to a lighter body might affect things on a model that people often say suffers from neck dive.

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