Valentine pickup swap/rewiring?

Valentine pickup swap/rewiring?

Hey guys,

This is my first post on here, and it is regarding my very first guitar as well. I got to say, I have owned high end guitar from , Custom Shop, J-Custom, and the list goes on: The Valentine might very well be the best yet, at least for my preferences and style!

Literally the only thing I’m not totally digging, is the bridge pickup. Don’t get me wrong, it’s a great sounding pickup and possibly the best “hot Tele” sound I have ever heard. It’s just too jangly and spiky for the higher gain rock stuff I’m doing most of the time, so I’m thinking a bridge humbucker with split or parallel option can coax those Tele-esque tones for the few times I want them.

Now, there are two different ways I can see it go about when putting in a bridge humbucker:

– 5 way super switch (this would be my preference), which would the tone push push switch. Where it gets extra complicated is the way I would like to have it wired which is Pete Thorn’s preferred wiring in his Suhr :
– 1: Bridge series 2: Bridge parallel 3: Both split 4: Neck split 5: Neck series

– Simply making the tone push push switch split the bridge pickup as well as the neck.

Either way, I would also like to incorporate the bridge split and/or parallel mode with the volume compensation circuitry, that is active when the stock neck humbucker is split.

Any advice at all would be much appreciated. And although I understand that not all of you think it’s “kosher” to modify a guitar like this, we are talking about the final 5-10% that will make this guitar go from ‘almost perfect’ to ‘perfect’.


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