volume pedal linear vs log

volume pedal linear vs log

Hi All,

New user here but of a used system. I’ve followed the white paper and have the system working and happy apart from a minor niggle.
I have a boss EV 30 expression pedal as a volume pedal. TRS to TRS. Plugged into the brain’s volume socket.
It is functioning as a volume pedal so woohoo for that. However, the effect of the volume pedal is all in the last few millimetres of travel. It calibrates as 0-50.
It calibrates the same if I use it as an expression pedal plugged into the brain’s expression socket.
The pedal is reacting in a logarithmic manner. Is it possible to change it to a more liner feeling so that all the volume control isn’t just in the last few mm of travel?

Seen as I bought the system used should I be re-installing everything and starting from scratch? I realise this may be good practise but will it actually address the niggle I have?

Cheers for now!

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