Waitning for that truck

Waitning for that truck

Scott (Armybass) and I traded basses again. We have been selling and trading with each other for years.

My very pretty and pristine Sterling 4 Honeyburst/maple is going to Scott in Virginia and his pristine SR5 transparent gold/rosewood is coming to Texas. I am looking forward to this one as Scott says it is a special sounding bass.

We both shipped FedEx. I shipped Tuesday night at a FedEx Office store and Scott shipped Wednesday at FedEx. He paid less than $60 shipping and I paid $116! Seems like it costs a lot more to ship at FedEx Office than at FedEx. Both boxes weigh about the same, however, the box I had on hand was a bit oversize so that may be partially responsible for the increased shipping cost.

Another strange thing is that the bass coming to me is scheduled for delivery tomorrow but the bass I shipped is scheduled for Monday delivery. Who can understand how these things work. Fortunately, I believe Scott has another MM bass or so to play this weekend. LOL


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