Wet Dry – Setup

Wet Dry – Setup

Dear all,

i’m planing to setup a wet dry rig in small scale.
Basic idea:
For Dry: Guitar -> Distortion Pedals -> H&K Tubemeister 20 -> Speaker
For Wet: H&K Redbox Out (Line out) -> “Time based Effects” (Stereo) -> Stereo power amp -> 2x Speaker

What i understood so far:
For the dry path i will set my favourite amp sound and will have a very responsive attack (that’s what it’s all about) !
For the wet path i will load my signal with all the beautiful stereo effects.
Volume of both will be set to my taste e.g. by volume pedals so i can mix dry and wet – perfect!

Here comes my problem:
For the wet effect path it is always said to use effects with “100% wet” or “kill dry”.

But how wet is actually 100% wet ? Is there no dry signal left over on the wet amps ? Especially for delay effects this feels strange to me -> I get the attack from the Center and the copies from the sides ?

For reverb it’s the same question: No dry signal at all ? Here i tested the Neunaber Immerse with “Kill dry”. Sounds crazy fun, but kill dry seems not to be a good solution if you want to use more then one effect in series on the wet path.

So, how do you understand that “100% wet” definition ? Is it the same as 0% dry or more like “as much effect as i can get” ? I saw some wet/dry broads, were the dry signal must still have been present in the wet signal, as there where up to 5 effect pedals in series on the wet path. Only thing that was done -> all FX level 100%.

I think of using the G-Major 2 for all wet effects. How is this done there ? FX-Level to 100% or Kill dry ? Or a mix of both ?

Thanks for your support and ideas !

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