What replaces the Master X3 for Digital Performer?

What replaces the Master X3 for Digital Performer?

I have been using the Master X3 with Digital Performer for years. It’s a great piece of software. Unfortunately, to keep on using it I have to stay with 10.6.8 and that’s becoming increasingly difficult as other stuff needs a more up to date system. So, I have to update, at which point my PowerCore Express and Master X3 will die. (They will, right?)

What is there that can replace it, either from TC Electronics or someone else? Of course I have loads of expanders/compressors/limiters, etc., but I’m using it for VO mostly and not being a real engineer I need something that I can set and forget. I used a preset, tweaked it a bit, and it just works for everything…whispering, shouting, whatever. I’ve messed around with lots of plugs but nothing is as easy to use, and most stuff requires some adjustment from session to session, whereas the X3 just works.

Any thoughts on a simple to use replacement gratefully received.


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