Whatcha Waitin' On?

Whatcha Waitin' On?

In the olden days of the forum, back before we understood that the internet was a series of tubes and could get clogged up purdy good, when we occasionally got together in large gatherings (thanks, BP!) or even small gatherings (that was usually at my house) and used the occasional ‘bad word’ because no one knew we even hung out here, there was always THE WAITING.

I’d be waiting for this, ArmyBass would be waiting for that, meanwhile there were 80 or 90 trade deals pending and it was all pretty exciting (not for wives).

So today’s question is, just like in the title, “What are you waiting for?”

I got a lot of stuff I’m jonesin’ for (PURPLE BONGO) but have to be more careful with bass money than I used to be, so that sucks but i do have this one thing in the works.

But let’s see what everyone else is expecting.



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