Why Aren't the Buffers on Cutlass Guitars Switchable?

Why Aren't the Buffers on Cutlass Guitars Switchable?

Dont get me wrong, the cutlass I have is a fantastic instrument, and it doesn’t completely ruin it, but one of the most popular ways to use strat style guitars is with vintage fuzzes. The buffer of makes the cutlass unable to interact with vintage fuzzes in the way most players enjoy (loading from impedance matching, the volume control, dynamics, high end roll off, etc.) since it places the buffer in front no matter what.

Is EB toying with the idea of making the buffer switchable? Or at least giving the option to leave off? That just seems like a missed opportunity/oversight in the design of an otherwise excellent guitar, since it limits players who are going after that vintage sound and feel with older fuzzes like the FF. And trust me, I really don’t want to butcher the instrument with my own electronics.

Currently trying to design a Fuzz Face with a simulated load but we’ll see how that goes.

Eric B.

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