WireTap 1.0.2

WireTap 1.0.2

Come on TC… it’s been nearly a year and the original release of the WireTap app (1.0.2) is still out there.  I would suspect that there are 10s of thousands of Android users out there that might like a WireTap app that works AS ADVERTISED!

Are there any updates on the horizon?  Perhaps new revised hardware?  I love the concept… perfect to capture that instant spark of creativity.  I think or some one tried it with a cable… not sure how far they got with that harebrained idea?

Here are some of my problems:

Frequent loss of Bluetooth – not an issue with other Bluetooth apps –
Try to delete an empty file and the app looses Bluetooth connection.
If I cycle Bluetooth, Bluetooth on my Android Moto G4 Play always reports “an app wants to turn Bluetooth on for this device” – Deny  Allow Naturally I allow.

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Source: http://forum.tcelectronic.com