Wiretap 2 ideas?

Wiretap 2 ideas?

I picked up the Wiretap a couple of months back and I am absolutely loving it.  It is very handy to capture those ideas/sounds/rhythms quickly without having to setup my interface and computer.  I have also found it useful in a few other applications: side-by-side comparisons of other pedals//instruments/settings; and multi-instrument and vocal practice sessions.

The side-by-side comparison feature is great when you want to get a true A/B test between equipment/settings without the variance of subtle differences in playing.  Example: plug guitar into Wiretap, then into a few different drive pedals, then on to the amp.  Record your part into the Wiretap (at a high quality sample rate and for as long as you want -go for three hours, why not?) and then test how each drive pedal reacts.  Or, let the Wiretap keep playing while you have available hands to manipulate the controls.  Very handy indeed!

For multi-instrument and voice recording you need a bit more equipment -microphone(s), mixer, headphones, etc.  Setup your mics around your practice space, send the feed to the mixer, check levels with the headphones, and then feed an output to the Wiretap and BAM you have easy recording of a whole group!  You can quickly start and stop each track so workflow doesn’t get interrupted, tracks can easily be sent to band mates before you leave, and you can still edit/mix-down in your DAW later.

These are just a couple of ideas I have had luck with but it leads me to think of a few features that would be handy in a version 2 of this pedal…

1. Stereo recording.  (I saw someone else had this idea as well)
2. XLR in with phantom power for using a microphone.  (great for singers, public speakers, etc.)
3. Battery power operation.  (Useful for those times you don’t want to or can’t plug in)
4. Numerical display -or something similar.  (Would allow the user to see from the pedal which

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