WireTap Recorder – playback volume and trim issues

WireTap Recorder – playback volume and trim issues

Nice little box, but I miss some tiny features which would make it much more useable.

1) The playback seems to be with a higher volume than the original signal. (I can’t really use it with the recorded plain guitar signal to tweak the overdrive / distortion with the playback. The playback signal pushes the effects pedal much more than the original guitar signal, so the soundeffect is different to the guitar playing)
How will I get an identical record-playback-level?

2) Tracks, recorded and trimmed by the android app can’t be used with the WireTap. (Each trimming of the original recording will cause a new trimmed copy inside the app. These audiofiles can’t be synced back to the WireTap)
I red you are looking for a trim-directly-on-the-wiretap feature in 2016. Will this come in the future?

Without these 2 tiny features the WireTap seems to be just a “record parts WITH effects – then grab them by the app, trim and share” box. Could be so much more.

Any other useful hints to use the WireTap?

Best regards Chris

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