Woohoo!!!! Got my pre-COVID gig back! :)

Woohoo!!!! Got my pre-COVID gig back! 🙂

Hey everyone,

I’m so happy that things in New Mexico are really opening up. This last year and a half has been an extremely hard one for the world. I lost my dream job in March of last year and went through some serious depression through pretty much the rest of the year. While many were writing and putting out new material into the world, I could barely pick up a guitar.

About three weeks ago, I interviewed for a front desk job at Meow Wolf (my previous employer) just hoping to get my foot back in the door. After that interview, I received a call saying they would be hiring performers again soon. I emailed my former supervisor and . . . . crickets, for weeks. Then, after a call saying I didn’t get the other job, I got an email the next day from my boss telling me they wanted me back in the venue and I start back Thursday.

Clearly, there were talks behind the scenes about where to have me, whether the Front Desk job or as a Performer. Well, things worked out! 🙂 For those who haven’t visited Meow Wolf, it is an interactive art exhibition (the best way to put it) that is truly unique. We have a new spot in Las Vegas and another exhibit opening in Denver too.

For my gig, I have a DJ/Noise cart where I spend usually 4-6 hours making noise and entertaining literally thousands of people every day. It is truly a dream gig if there ever was one. This year, I’m starting with 3-4 hour performances because as a few of you know, I suffer from chronic pain from numerous issues with my neck. It is debilitating much of my time and this job gives me the chance to make music with a schedule that works with my limitations.

Needless to say, I take my Cutlass often and walk around improvising or just being ‘weird’, which is pretty much the theme of the whole place. I’m super excited to get back out there and have fun again. Here are a couple of older videos.

Astrofreq at Meow Wolf! – YouTube
Music Man Cutlass improvisation guitar solo (Astrofreq at Meow Wolf) – YouTube

If anyone is interested, follow my link below to my YouTube, where I hope to be making and uploading videos often. 🙂

Hang in there everyone and stay safe,


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