Audio Distribution Group Announces Distribution of Daredevil Pedals

Audio Distribution Group Announces Distribution of Daredevil Pedals

Audio Distribution Group are extremely excited to announce that Audio that they have added another exciting brand to their portfolio, with ADG distributing Daredevil Pedals across Europe and the United Kingdom.

Main Brand Features:

  • Focused range of of vintage inspired effects
  • Diverse palette of Drive and Fuzz pedals as well as Boost, Filters and Delay
  • Many original circuit designs based on classic tones
  • Simple and easy-to-use designs
  • Handmade in Chicago, USA

Also, coinciding with ADG taking on distribution of the brand, Daredevil Pedals is launching an all-new product today.

With the ACES Hybrid Amplifier, Daredevil Pedals present a dual gain-stage circuit, inspired by 1950s RCA data sheets, that utilises NOS Germanium and modern Silicon Transistors to create sweet sustain and biting rock ‘n roll gain.

The entire Daredevil Pedals range, including ACES, are available and shipping from Audio Distribution Group now!

About Daredevil

Hailing from Chicago Illinois, Daredevil was founded by guitar player and builder Johnny Wator in 2012.

With necessity being the mother of all invention, this statement also rings true for Daredevil Pedals. The brand’s genesis was in Johnny’s touring, recording and spending his last pennies on strings and more gear than he could fit in his apartment. When unable to find a pedal that gave him the tone he desired, he started ripping apart circuits and turned his quest for tone into a new-found obsession.

Daredevil Pedals are 100% built by hand in Chicago, IL. Inspired by vintage circuits from the 60s and 70s and themed after muscle cars and rock ’n roll, almost all Daredevil Pedals are circuits of original design. Based on classic tones, these pedals have been nurtured from sonic ideas into finished products, all while striving to recreate the legendary tones of yesteryear for the modern age.

Ranging from great Fuzzes, Overdrives and Distortions, as well as Filter effects and Delay, Daredevil Pedal’s approach has resulted in a deep range of affordable hand-built effects that sound great and are made to inspire.

ACES Hybrid Germanium / Silicon Amplifier Pedal

Main Features: 

  • Booster Effects Pedal
  • Original hybrid circuit with NOS germanium and modern silicon transistors inspired by 1950’s RCA data sheets
  • Offers warm vintage feel and harmonic sustain with dynamic touch-sensitive response
  • Great for stacking with other effects and reacts great to volume roll-off
  • One-knob control interface for easy-to-use gain boost
  • True bypass switching
  • All hand-wired in Chicago, IL, USA
  • Powered by (opt.) 9V battery or (opt.) regular 9V DC PSU (centre -, 2.1 mm, <100 mA current draw).

The Aces sounds best in front of any buffered bypass pedals.

Under the hood is 1 NOS Germanium and 1 modern silicon transistor, each tested and biased to give optimal tonal definition and response. The two internal trim pots set the bias for each gain stage, you should not need to adjust these for any reason.

The knob controls your output level. Turn it up, stomp, off you go…

GBP ERP £205 Available now.

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