BOSS Introduces RV-200 Reverb

BOSS Introduces RV-200 Reverb

BOSS announces the RV-200 Reverb, the latest addition to the popular 200 series of advanced effect pedals. The RV-200 delivers inspiring reverbs and exceptional sound in a streamlined, pedalboard-friendly design. Twelve versatile reverb types—including the newly developed Arpverb—provide everything from subtle spatial color to complex, dreamy textures for ambient explorations. Users can quickly dial in sounds with the fast-access interface and save favorites in 127 memories. The RV-200 also features flexible onboard footswitches, deep external control support, and a range of expressive tools to take performances to new levels.

The RV-200’s powerful reverberation engine offers class-leading sound quality, backed by custom BOSS DSP, 32-bit AD/DA, 32-bit floating point processing, and a 96 kHz sampling rate. Every algorithm offers true studio-grade performance with outstanding detail and definition. From essentials like Room, Hall, and Plate to deeply immersive sounds like Shimmer, Slowverb, and the new Arpverb, the RV-200’s 12 distinctive reverb types provide ambient colors for every song and style.

Like all 200 series pedals, the RV-200 offers a powerful yet intuitive panel that makes it easy to shape great sounds. Core controls include reverb time, effect level, pre-delay, and variable high and low filters. There’s also a density control to adjust the weight of the sound, plus a parameter knob that provides access to multiple sound-shaping tools unique to each reverb type.

The RV-200 includes memories for storing 127 reverb sounds. Two onboard footswitches pack a lot of performance versatility, with numerous options to reassign their targets for different needs. Users can bypass the effect, scroll through memories, and activate a Hold function to carry on the reverb effect for as long as the switch is pressed. It’s also possible to assign powerful performance effects such as Warp, Twist, and Fade.


The RV-200 supports numerous options for external operation. Many assignable parameter targets can be controlled via footswitches or an expression pedal, and MIDI I/O is provided on space-saving mini TRS jacks. Via MIDI, users can chain multiple 200 series pedals and select memories on all of them at once. It’s also possible to control various functions from external MIDI controllers and devices like the BOSS ES-8 and ES-5 effects switchers.

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Availability & Pricing  

The new BOSS RV-200 Reverb is now available for purchase at authorized US BOSS retailers for $269.99.

*Price at the time of publishing

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