C. F. Martin & Co.® Celebrates Earth Day 2024

C. F. Martin & Co.® Celebrates Earth Day 2024

As the world celebrates Earth Day, C. F. Martin & Co.® proudly reaffirms its commitment to environmental stewardship with a trio of initiatives aimed at promoting sustainability across its operations.

From the unveiling of its latest Biosphere model to the release of its annual Impact Report and the grand opening of a new museum display dedicated to sustainability, Martin Guitar continues to set the standard for eco-conscious innovation in the musical instruments industry.

DSS Biosphere™ II

Dedicated to preserving our planet for future generations, Martin Guitar is proud to reinforce that call to action this Earth Day with the all-new DSS Biosphere™ II

Featuring another stunning work from acclaimed artist Robert Goetzl, the third model in our Planet Earth series takes us back to the depths of the ocean, in the waters off the coast of Hawaii, where humpback whales raise their calves. Researchers are working around the clock to create an environment there that’s safe for humpbacks to raise their young, providing safety from manmade dangers like plastic pollution, vessel collisions, and climate change.

The DSS Biosphere II is a tribute to the Keiki Kohola Project – Caring for Calves in Maui Waters, a nonprofit that promotes the protection of humpback whale mother and calf pairs during their time in Hawaiian waters. In addition to helping raise awareness for this wonderful cause, C. F. Martin & Co. has also made a generous monetary donation to the organisation.

This model is FSC® certified (license code FSC-C008304) and 100% plastic-free, following the precedent set by our previous two Planet Earth models, the 00L Earth and OM Biosphere. Like the OM Biosphere, it’s compliant with the Preferred by Nature (PBN) Sustainability Standards (license code PBN-SFP-039001) and adorned with the PBN Hummingbird Seal. Even the softshell case is sustainable – made from hemp.

Whether you hear trees rustling in the wind, water lapping on the shores, or whale songs echoing through the depths of the ocean, all nature has its own song to sing. With the DSS Biosphere II, Martin hopes to raise awareness of protecting those environments, and the beautiful music they create.

Impact Report

Three years ago, Martin developed an annual Impact Report to highlight some of the company’s efforts to care for its employees, community, and the environment. It serves as a framework to advance these efforts and provide an update of annual progress. Key highlights of the 2023 annual report include:

Employees: Without the dedicated employees who show up every day and take pride in making the best acoustic guitars and strings in the world, Martin would not be thriving today. Programs like an employee wellness program, education reimbursement, and training opportunities help to ensure our co-workers’ well-being.

Community: Martin Guitar remains deeply invested in the communities where it operates. Since 1996, the Martin Charitable Foundation has supported the company’s engagement with nonprofit music, arts, education, environmental action, and human service organizations. Last year, the Foundation awarded $485,500 in grants to over 85 nonprofit organizations.

Environment: Protecting the environment is of utmost importance to Martin Guitar. In 2023, the company supported domestic and international reforestation efforts, participated in one of the biggest green movements in Navojoa, Sonora, Mexico, and launched the second in a series of sustainable Earth Day guitar models that are FSC® certified and 100% plastic-free.

The release of this year’s Impact Report reinforces Martin Guitar’s position as a leader in the music industry and sets a new standard for corporate transparency and accountability.

Museum Exhibit

Martin Guitar is also proud to announce the grand opening of its latest museum exhibit titled Sustainability at Martin Guitar. Located at the Martin Guitar Museum in Nazareth, Pennsylvania, the exhibit opens on Earth Day and will highlight the steps taken by Martin Guitar to reduce its environmental footprint and promote sustainability across its operations.

Sustainability at Martin Guitar will feature several guitars on display, including a Martin SWD, 00L Earth, and 00-DB Jeff Tweedy, along with artifacts relating to the company’s long history of sustainability, like an original copy of its 1990 ecological policy, and various certificates and awards the company has received over the years.

Visitors will also learn about the importance of community and culture at Martin Guitar. Beyond crafting exceptional instruments, the company feels a deep sense of commitment to giving back to its local communities and taking care of its employees.

The exhibit will remain open to the public for one year, offering visitors of all ages the opportunity to learn, engage, and be inspired.

Sustainability at Martin Guitar promises to be a must-see destination for music lovers, environmental enthusiasts, and anyone passionate about making a difference. Don’t miss the opportunity to be part of this transformative experience.

For more on Martin Guitar and its sustainability efforts, visit martinguitar.com/sustainability.


C.F. Martin & Co. has been making the finest handcrafted acoustic guitars for nearly two hundred years. For some of the biggest names and the most revered musical legends across every genre and every decade. And we’ve been doing it with pure artistic passion, a deep love for all things music, and an unwavering commitment to our community and the environment.

But most importantly, we’re still doing it… for you. For current and future generations of pioneers, rebels, and dreamers. For the beginners, the pros, and everyone in between. We believe music is an unstoppable force. It raises us up. Tells our truths. Gets us on our feet. Expresses our deepest heartaches. And our greatest joys.

So, we’ll continue to make the very best acoustic instruments and strings for as long as there are people like you who love music and love making it. We want to be there to help you tell your story. To help you share your music with the world. To help unleash the artist within.

We’re ready for the next two hundred years. Want to come with us? Visit martinguitar.com.


The Martin Guitar Museum is dedicated to preserving and celebrating the history and heritage of C. F. Martin & Co. – the world’s leading acoustic guitar manufacturer.

Located in Nazareth, Pennsylvania, the museum features an impressive collection of historic instruments and special exhibits, making it a must-visit destination for music enthusiasts and guitar lovers.

For more information about the museum visit martinguitar.com.

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