Danelectro introduce the Roebuck™

Danelectro introduce the Roebuck™

The new Danelectro® Roebuck is a reissue of the original Ibanez® Mostortion, first introduced in the 1990’s. Whilst only in production for a very short time, it’s much loved mosfet distortion and impeccable tone, soon became a must-have and an inspiration for guitar players in every genre, from country to metal.

Like the Back Talk and 3699 Fuzz also from the long awaited Danelectro Series of vintage reissues, the Roebuck is housed in a more robust metal chassis, looking the part in its wear and tear format, with subtle dings on the case, scuffed paint, sturdy control knobs and robust, soft-action footswitch.

In keeping with the original Mostortion, the Roebuck’s mosfet circuitry features the same excellent bandwidth and touch-sensitive 3-band Bass, Mid and Treble EQ, offering extreme tonal versatility, full range response and superb dynamics.

While the unmistakable vintage core-tone voice remains, the new Roebuck now offers greater sonic flexibility with 2 additional clipping modes via a top-loaded mini-toggle switch, delivering the perfect amount of compression and mosfet overdrive, without sacrificing the feel of the original pedal. All throughout, it has outstanding clarity and excellent string separation, whilst highlighting the extreme versatility of this long-awaited reissue distortion pedal.



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