Drumming Up Business With Drummer’s Review

Drumming Up Business With Drummer’s Review

As 2020 draws to a close, consumer reviews and news site Drummer’s Review is encouraging all drum and percussion businesses to stay in touch and share what new products are on the horizon for the new year. Especially with no physical NAMM for 2021.

In speaking with the trade, sister site MIN has learnt that acoustic drum sales have been affected due to COVID-19, but with a vaccine now in sight and distribution begins of the BioNtech/Pfizer here in the UK, there is light at the end of the tunnel for percussion brands.

There has been notable trends that have flourished throughout 2020, with a variety of companies stating record sales of electronic drums, digital pianos, acoustic guitars, ukuleles and of course, home recording equipment. If you’re reading this and your business has seen a trend or spike in any specific sector, we would we love to hear your positive news. Contact us here at news@musicinstrumentnews.co.uk. Maybe your products have rode the storm better than others with demand? Get in touch.

Drummer’s Review has steadily grown throughout 2020 as consumers and businesses seek further ways to review and share products impartially, whilst in some cases, music stores have been unavailable to open for customers to try and buy products.

Having now surpassed over 2.4 million views of drum products reviewed to date, retailers, distributors and manufacturers are encouraged to share impartial content provided by Drummer’s Review to assist in any way to drive sales and interest for their business.

“For brand owners/distributors, impartial content is no longer confined to the dusty shelves of WhSmith’s (if they are open). 4K professionally recorded content is on the Drummer’s Review site and YouTube channel to share FOR FREE! Take advantage of it,” states Neil Golding publisher at www.drummersreview.com

“Throughout 2020, DR has reached out to various businesses to learn of new products and activity, but in some cases, even before COVID-19, walking the slightly controversial tightrope, it’s the same businesses that don’t communicate or share. We sincerely hope that for 2021, Drummer’s Review is able to serve the fantastic variety of drum and percussion products that exist, with no other UK publisher investing at this level in the review process to support this sector. With The UK Drum Show looking to bounce back with ticket sales continuing for 2021, we want the audiences we have created to experience the variety and inclusiveness of our show and consumer drum platform. We are here to compliment and support your activity. 2021 is a new beginning and a fresh start for all, now is a time to work closer together to come out of this nightmare stronger than before,” Golding concludes.


Gold Media & Events is a privately owned family business operating exclusively within the MI sector. Launched in 2017, GM&E publishes trade news site Music Instrument News along with and expanding its consumer review platforms. Its consumer offerings are Drummer’s Review, Acoustic Review, Bass Guitar Review (restarting this month after previous presenter retired during lockdown) and as of 30.11.2020 launched Keys Review, with an Electric Guitar Review platform to go live December 2020.




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