Fano Brings the Paisley

Fano Brings the Paisley

For the first time, Fano Guitars announces the inclusion of Paisley finishes to the Alt De Facto range of iconic designs. Reminiscent of 1960s style, Paisley taps into a sense of nostalgia, evoking the classic and timeless appeal associated with that era. Available in very limited quantities, this finish will initially only be available on the TC6 guitar and JM4 bass, 2 examples of the mix of sonic and aesthetic influences that Fano is so well known for.

The TC6 is Fano’s unique take on the classic T style guitar and features tried and tested materials such as an alder body and maple neck topped with a rosewood, compound radius fingerboard.

The JM4 shares the alder body and maple neck/rosewood fingerboard set-up as its 6-string cousin. Bringing the rumble are a pair of Fano’s “Fanobird” pickups.

Look out for the first of these beauties at your local Fano dealer in the coming few months.

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About Fano Guitars

Fano Guitars is a small team of expert luthiers, who are also musicians, building instruments for discerning players who want quality, reliability, style and performance, combined with a sense of design flair that spawned a new genre of guitar back in the early 2000s. Each of our guitars is hand-built in Phoenix, Arizona where our team create “one of a kind” guitars which incorporates our collective decades worth of experience in the art of guitar building. Inspired by the finest elements of timeless classics, Fano Guitars combines vintage style and performance with modern playability and consistency to make truly unique and inspiring instruments. Every Fano Guitar is created with meticulous attention paid to the finer details of the fretwork, setup, and playability as a tribute to our founder, world renowned guitar maker Dennis Fano. We continue the tradition of building these hand-made, high quality, boutique guitars.

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