Fret37™ Introduce the Acoustic S1

Fret37™ Introduce the Acoustic S1

Fret37 have introduced the Acoustic S1, an innovative design within acoustic guitar stands.

Attaching and detaching freely to the base of acoustic guitars with user-applied light tension only, the very handy Acoustic S1 guitar stand, is designed to remain unobtrusively on the guitar while you play in either a standing or sitting position.

With soft EVA foam padding on all points of contact protecting delicate surfaces, the Acoustic S1 easily accommodates a variety of body depths, from parlour guitars to big-bodied dreadnoughts and acoustic basses between 3 3/4″ (9.525cm) and 5″ (12.7cm), while the opened-ended design allows easy access to strap buttons and electro-acoustic jack sockets.


With an extremely small footprint and eradicating the need to commute with larger stands and freeing up space on stage, in the studio or at home, musicians need only place the guitar upright on the floor. With more than one S1, multiple acoustic guitars can be neatly stacked rack-style and is the ideal solution for quick and easy guitar changes during a live performance.

Constructed from high strength polymer composite materials and weighing just 5.7 ounces (0.36 lbs.), the Fret 37 Acoustic S1 is a must-have accessory for acoustic guitar players.

Fret 37 Acoustic S1 Guitar Stand. £29.99 rrp.

The Fret 37 Acoustic S1 is distributed exclusively by JHS in the UK and EU Countries.

Fret 37 Acoustic Guitar Stand

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