G&L joins Blackstar’s DIST-X for UK sales

G&L joins ’s DIST-X for UK sales

US guitar maker G&L has announced it is joining Blackstar’s DIST-X for UK distribution from today, 5th April.

Founded by Leo in 1980, G&L became a popular but niche choice for professionals and serious amateurs in the USA with the instruments featuring Leo ’s final developments in pickups, bridges and electronics.

G&L CEO David McLaren says: ‘We are excited to have DIST-X Distribution representing G&L . We feel that the values of the company match those of G&L and we see a fantastic opportunity for growth and increased visibility in the UK. We look forward to working closely and successfully together.’

DIST-X Sales Manager Drew McDonald added: ‘We are delighted to have G&L guitars in the DIST-X family. The guitars are truly stunning and coupled with the rich heritage behind the brand we see huge potential for growth within the UK market. My team and I are looking forward to giving G&L the success it deserves.’

Info: www.dist-x.com

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