Gravity Launches New Range Of Glow Stands

Gravity Launches New Range Of Glow Stands

Gravity is delighted to announce that its new family of Glow Stands – a pair of uniquely inspiring guitar and bass stands that feature ambient lighting to give any creative space an incredible dose of atmosphere, is now available.

The Gravity Glow Stand is available is two models – players can choose between a hanging “neck hug” version or a classic A-frame design – and is suitable for electric and acoustic guitars, and bass guitars. The Glow Stands provide maximum support for the instruments stored on them, while at the same time highlighting them with inspiring colours of the player’s choice.

Each Glow Stand holds a guitar or bass securely and safely, and its soft support surfaces ensure that the instrument remains in perfect condition. The Glow Stand also features a foam insert at the bottom that can be removed to provide more stable support for electric guitars and basses with strap pins and/or strap locks. The neck hug model also ships with an extender to accommodate 34” scale bass guitars.

What really sets the Guitar Glow Stand apart, however, is its magnificent integrated lighting system. Each stand features adjustable ambient LED lighting that allows the player to set the perfect mood with their choice of colour and brightness. Whether at home, in the studio, or on stage, the Glow Stand allows musicians to create a captivating ambiance that highlights the beauty of their instrument.

The wide variety of colours available can be cycled through by touching a hand to the unique responsive panels at the front of the Glow Stand’s base. Meanwhile, the Glow Stands also feature an adjustable front spotlight, which can be tilted to accentuate the intricate details of the guitar, elevating it to a true work of art. And best of all, the Glow Stand remembers the chosen colour settings each time it is powered off and on again using the included power supply.

With a wide range of inspiring colours on tap, alongside Gravity’s proven heritage as a market leader in sturdy and stable guitar stand technology, the stand is sure to inspire musicians every time they enter their music making space.

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